Billy Interview #1

Since I couldn't find any friend with a Billy bookcase, my first interviewee is a person I don’t know and I met her through a friend. I went to her place with my friend and we spent a whole evening together having tea and cookies, then dinner.

About Sherin...
Sherin, 27 years old, Master student in Chemical engineering at KTH, is originally from Iraq and she moved to Sweden with her family 14 years ago. She lives in a student room next to the university and she has been in the same room for the past four years.
She rented the room fully furnished, but after a year she started to buy her own furniture and remove the old ones. She says “ The furniture and the colors in my room can make me feel better, I change them so often and I try to create the feeling of being at home in my small room otherwise I will go to my Mom’s place so often”.
About Her Billy...
One of the new items she bought was a Billy of full size and in white color. When I asked her why white, she said “ the bookcase is so big and dark color will make it look so heavy, I chose the white one because it looks lighter and also makes the room bright and vivid “
The Billy is placed in a corner of the room, next to her desk for the easy access to shelves while she is working. She also keeps the more functional objects on third and fourth shelves with appropriate height to reach. So, the most using shelf is the third one with the same height as her desk where she keeps the CD player, DVDs and CDs. She can easily connect the computer to the speakers for listening to music or watching movies. On the front row there are her favorite movies. On the fourth shelf she stores the school books that are used a lot such as chemistry books, Mathematics hand book, Dictionaries and so on.

The next most using shelf is the first one on the bottom where she keeps the file folders, notes, printed articles, papers and all the documentations from school. These are the items that don’t look good and she wants to hide them away on the bottom. On the second shelf there are some books which are used so scarcely like cooking books, some school books, dictionaries and pocket books.

The fifth shelf is her display shelf with souvenirs from different places around the world where she has travelled like Roma, Egypt, Greece, Spain, England, Japan, also some gifts from friends. She has some items with funny memories behind them that are hidden on the back and she doesn’t want to display them. On the first shelf there are some books that she almost never touches them. The books are related to Literature, art, biography and psychology. They are mainly in Swedish apart from an Arabic poem book which is a gift from her friend. She likes some of them a lot but doesn't have enough time for them. She hopes to have more time after finishing the school and planning to read them later. On the top of the bookcase there is a statue that is a gift from her friend and a folder that cannot be fitted in other shelves.


  1. Did you ask her why Billy instead of other bookshelves?

  2. I think that we should be asking for a story about one of the objects the BILLY. When you say that there are objects that are hidden from view but important to her, I want to know what is hidden and why.