Interview-Mojdeh and her Billys

* It is a competition man!
          I started the assignment by asking my friends from Taiwan if they have bookshelf from Ikea or not, but then I realized that it’s not gona work because we are all students who will leave Sweden within one or two years, no one want to buy this kind of bookshelf even it is really cheap.  

          So I turned to my Swedish classmates for help, and soon it became a competition between us because we have four people in this course, and we only have 5 Swedish in our ID class.
          “Have you asked Hampus yet ? ”  “Yes! He has one!!”  “shit!”
         “Did you ask Mojdeh ? ”  “I did ! ”  “Fuck !”

         After the competition, I got Mojdeh as my interviewee.

*The interview
        It was a nice experience, we had cakes and tea first, and then ended after dinner, I stayed at her place from 5:00 P.M to 11:00 P.M.
        Instead of knowing what particular things they have in the bookshelf, I am more interested in building the life and history of the Billy bookcase by asking the way they use the Billy, and the life they live with Billy .
their place

cakes and tea!

*About Mojdeh
*Mojdeh, a 27-year-old master student in Konstfack studying in Industrial design, is living with her boyfriend in Stockholm.
*She and her family moved from Iran to Sweden when she was a child.
*She likes to keep things neat and clean

*What she told me

I tried to organize it and write it down in her perspective  

*We bought two small Billys several years ago before we moved to the place we have now.

*In the past, we stored CD and VCD in one billy and put the CD player on top of it because the height of small one is perfect for player. The other billy we had books, candle holders, blankets and things like that in it .

*Then we moved to a smaller place, so we laft the billy in the Storage, it doesn’t mean we don’t want it anymore, we have to leave things we like in storage because of the small space.

Now billys are in cage!!

*The storage was so nice and much much better than what we had before, we cleaned it, put things into it, hang clothes inside…etc., basically we saw it as a “extra room” that we can maybe take things in and out every day, not a storage that you just leave the things you don’t want.   
The storage

*There are still disadvantages of Billy like I couldn’t clean the floor under it because of the shape, and the nails of the back keep falling off and we have to nail it back again and again, now it has lots of holes in the back of the shelf. The bookshelf we use now can have more space to put things under it which is much better than Billy.

#1 The shelf which can clean under it    #2 The shelf can store things under it 
                                                                           (it is Mojdeh boyfriend's guitar )

*Now we stacked the two billy together, I didn’t go there for one year. My boyfriend always takes things out and puts things in for us, so I was totally shocked when I went there recently, it became a mess because my boyfriend just threw things in without organize it.I told my boyfriend he had to clean it because Yi-Ying would have a interview with the book case, and he did.

now it looks like this

*Their Billys

The top billy- 1st, 2nd and 3rd shelfs

Top 1st shelf
Books they don’t read that much now. Most of them are Swedish books

Top 2nd shelf
CDs. They have lots of CDs , actually her boyfriend is a music teacher in high school.

Top 3rd shelf
VCR and DVD, sometimes if they want to see movies, her boyfriend will go down and take it

The bottom billy-shoes
 Bottem 1st shelf
Shoes and shoes and shoes

Bottem 2nd shelf

Shoes and shoes and shoes

Bottem 3rd shelf

Shoes and shoes and shoes

this empty box is for the winter shoes which she is using now,
so they took the shoes and laft the box in the shelf

She started to clean when I was interviewing her 


  1. Glad to know that even though the Billy is still being used though it is in a "cage". Really like that picture("now billys are in cage"). Since there seemed to be a competition amongst your classmates, maybe one of them would want to be interviewed by me? :) In that case let me know asap.

  2. i really liked the story about competition:) hunting for participants- that so familiar to me!:)

  3. Yi-Ying. I like that they had to clean the storage place so you could ask them about BILLY. I also like that BILLY has an "afterlife" in the cage.