The bookcase invetory

This is my ”bookshelf “, I found it in a container close to the wood workshop, at Konstfack, University College of Arts, Crafts and Design. I am often looking in to this container, when I am passing by, you never know what kind of treasures it contains. I do live quite temporary, I have lived in this apartment since October and the contract was until 15. January, but now the contract changed so, now the contract are until July.

I would say that the content of the furniture’s in my “home” is influence by that I am ready to move easily and without taking the content of my “home” with me. The content of my “home” is found, bought at flea markets, second hand stores or in IKEA.

Even thought the bookshelf is simple, the function and purpose of storing is fulfilled for my needs. The content of the bookshelf is primarily books, most of them was brought with me, as I moved to Stockholm. A few books has arrived after moving in, some was given to me as Christmas presents, two of them are Swedish detective books which I found, tree of them bought, which is a book about robots and spaceship and one graphic book from a artist. There are two books about Sweden, four books is Japanese, which is from a Japanese photograph that photo documented homes and interior in different countries. I have one sketchbook and tree books that concerned theoretical reading about my field, six books are different kind of books that I use for inspiration. On the top of the shelf, a money bank is placed, it is a chocolate made out of ceramic.

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