My Bookcase Inventory

Here is my student apartment, as you can see at the other pictures it is a lot of books from my courses.

The boxes you see on the picture is from IKEA where I keep some of my DVD:s. Beside some books of the tryologi of Lord of the Ring and the first one is A hoobit story which I read now and also a book about whiskey and some more books.

Books are part of the a student life. Here are books and articles from anthropology, economics, ethnology and my studies in MENA (Middle East and North Africa studies)

A cheata from a trip to Tanzania and a diploma from running Marathon in Stockholm 5 times


Swedish book shelf inventory

The emptiness of my book shelf says that I am new in this town/country. So the book shelf does not really function as a thing for putting the certain books that I have read would like to read or will never read. But then it is the question what do I need it for? I don't mind being it just empty as it was so I know that I can put there things that I don't need or things that I have the story to tell about. My book shelf is for exhibiting objects which have certain interrelations that I am connected with. The first thing on the second shelf from the left is the bottle of Swedish mineral water:
When you hold a new bottle of Ramlösa in your hand, it represents 70 years of work. 70 years is the time it takes for plain drops of water to seep through the earth's crust to the spring (The excerpt from the advertisement).
Next to the bottle I placed the book of the Swedish artists Goldin and Senneby "Headless" because I got the bottle during their work presentation in the posh business center in Stureplan. Then you can see the other plastic bottle of juice that is I think familiar to all Swedish people and this is the bottle that I spend all my last money for. The other thing is the tape that I bought because I needed to stick my name on the flat door as if I want to get the letters from my friends and family even in this internet era. The last thing on the shelf is the letter that was traveling one month it is a long time for the letter from Lithuania. Well that is why I needed the tape. The second shelf is for the hard bread package and the lamps that save the energy. Both packages have green and white colors and both things can save the world.
The next shelf is with the book of the routes and maps of Stockholm that my father gave me but the problem is I dont have the car though I like the idea that someday I could give it to someone.
Next to that very "useful" book is very useful newspaper "Sundbyberg" that I use for viewing the pictures and learning Swedish. And the last thing is my black shoes. When I came to Stockholm I noticed that almost all people here love wearing "Converse" shoes so I bought something similar but cheaper in "HM" store. It is my symbol of adopting the city.

The Secret of IKEA's Success, article in the Economist

Bookcase=Cupboard( inventory of a personal bookshelf)

I could hardly name this piece of furniture that is located in my room a bookcase. It is more look like cupboard ( I call it ‘ Back to USSR’ because this kind of dark massive wooden ‘coffins’ were really fashionable in my country during 70s. People usually stored there different ‘honor’ kitchen stuff, like set of porcelain cups or rarity crystal vases.)

For the reason that it is my ‘temporary’ home I am trying not to collect lots of stuff, so this cupboard is quite empty, but still…

First floor (section with glass doors). books and catalogs :

‘ Red Star Over Russia’ David King ( I bought in Moderna Museet Bookshop, Stockholm, first of all I was surprised that this museum have a whole room dedicated to Russian Soviet Poster Art, second reason- I am a great fan of “the beginning of 20thcentury” Russian art).

‘Red Book’ David Shirley (graphic works)

‘Black and White’ Andrei Nakov (I bought it at his lecture dedicated to Malevich’s art, again here in Stockholm)

Guide-book around Stockholm in Russian (a present from my friend, got it before I left)

‘ Diamond Fond Treasury” catalog of the exhibition(1971). Got it from my friend at Konstfack. She found it at home and decided to give me as a present “just because it is in Russian” ©

‘The Collector. HDK’ catalog of the HDK school from the Furniture Fair.

‘Supermarket . The Artistic-run Magazine’.

Catalog from Moderna Museet

Some paper trash: letters, postcard, brochures, printed documents, Stockholm map.

Scissors and silver ribbon (still there since Christmas).

Second floor

Sketch book, some pens, brushes, ink pen, ruler, Moleskine

Paper trash again: printed articles, flight tickets( don’t know for what I still keep it), notes

2 folders with documents ( passport, insurance, ‘ Swedish’ Personal Number confirmation and etc)

Middle section (between Glass doors-section and bottom section):

Two books from the Konstfack library: Graphic novels comic book “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ by Joanna Rubin Dranger and ‘Mr.Kenneth’ by Emelie Ostergren.

Dvd ‘ Scenes From A Marriage’ by Ingmar Bergman (also borrowed one).

Disk drive for my net book, three empty CDs, a pack of wipes ( for my laptop screen surface),

Booster-charges for my camera and mobile phone


Bottom section : Back pack -always ready to ‘leg it’

Just noticed –there is something like a straw mat on the top of the cupboard. (not mine)