Per's Bookshelf (A Sketch)

So... This is my bookshelf, in a highly impressionistic form.

To be honest, it's not really a bookshelf at all, but rather a vertical storage area where there also happen to be some books.

At the top, since there is plenty of room between the billy and the ceiling, there are plastic containers for use in storing and cooking food. Convenient, if a little messy.

Below, there are batteries, spare lightbulbs, belts and other miscellaneous stuff. It's "that" kind of shelf!

Third from the top are finally some books and binders, most of which consists of rules for different obsolete boardgames and RPG:s. It also serves as a display of an assortment of random and funny pins etc... The most eyecatching inhabitant of this shelf is a "Garfield" doll, which can be identified in the sketch!

In the middle is a shelf for language-materials. Tapes, EP:s, trivia cards, dictionaries... You name it. Lots of ambition in this shelf =-) It is also a shelf where I store a shoehorn and, most importantly, my keys! If they are not in their assigned spot, I tend to get quite distressed.

At the lower end are a shelf for hats, and one for shoes. This has to do with the proximity to the door, just like the top shelf is influenced by the proximity to the kitchen.


  1. Per, are you planning to draw sketches of all of your interviewees bookcases?