Fieldtrip to Ikea.(Get the Billy!)

It was last thursday 24 Barbara and I went to Ikea. We met at Segels torg and went to Gallerian to take the shuttle bus, but we found that the bus stop was moved. We ran to the new place and were able to catch the bus. We arrived at Ikea 20 mins later, and the building seemed really big as always. As we hadn'thad lunch, we kicked off the trip with having lunch first.

Restaurant was half full of people and we were standing in a row looking for the menu. All the foods were cheap and looks fine. We got each and enjoyed it. And I thought that these inexpensive foods help customersstaying longer as they don't need to leave for lunch or dinner. Same for us, we already decided to have a meal here because we knew it's not that expensive.

Since we went to the restaurant on top floor, we started our trip from the top. There were lots of showrooms where we can see diverse concepts. Every showroom has its own color and some had the entire price list that show how much money need if we want to decorate our room like the showroom. I think it helps customers planning their budget. The advantage of showroom is it helps people who don't have their plan for their house. They can just choose one show room and can buy similar things to get the same feeling and mood. We don't need to be a professional home decorator.

The Items we found during the trip were incredibly cheap. I was surprised every time I see the price tag. and the yellow price tag - open your wallet item- I was doubting the price. Why is everything cheap and good? I was suspicious about the quality. but my desk, chair and bed from Ikea are so far so good. (but it's been only six month I got that). If these stands for long time, I will really appreciate Ikea.

We finally found the Billy with discounted price. I asked the staff about it and she gave me a booking paper. and told us that we can just drop by the first floor whenever we want and will get it. after few hours of trip, we went to get the Billy and it turned out to be very heavy. We had hard time carrying it to Uglycute, thinking we should have brought the car. But we made it and we were happy about it.

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