Interview #2

My second interview was performed on a friend living in Montreal and I did a Skype interview with her. First she took some photos of her Billy and sent them to me then we started the talk.

About Atoosa…

Atoosa, 26 years old, is a second year PhD student in Mathematical engineering at Polytechnique de Montreal। She moved into her current apartment about a year ago and bought all her furniture form IKEA at once। She chose IKEA because it is cheap and about the reason for choosing Billy, she says “since I had a lots of books and notes to store I looked for the biggest and cheapest bookcase and I found this one” she actually didn’t know the name of bookcase until I asked her to check.

About her Billy…

Her Billy is in black like the rest of her furniture and placed against the wall after the entr ance corridor on the right side। About its quality she says “In general it is not so stable। The back part is so thin and got cracked when I and my friend were nailing it but that’s fine since I bought it so cheap”। She also mentioned “I preferred the bookcases with thick body, they look more stable and nicer but they were too expensive for me.”

What she has in her Billy…

She mainly has books and school notes in the Billy। The two upper shelves are almost empty because she wants to keep them light for stability issue। On the first shelf there are some documents and papers, on the second one there are some small books, postal cards and a mask which is a memory from her friend.

The most weight is in the third and fourth shelves। On the third one she has only her books which are mainly in Persian, English and some in French। They are poem books, novels, history and dictionary। On the other shelf there are some more books and some music sheets for Piano and Sitar। The rest are some accessories and a fondue maker which is a birthday gift from her friend and she hasn’t used yet.

The last shelf on the bottom where she keeps all her papers and school notes is her action shelf. They are placed on the bottom because they don’t look good and she doesn’t want people to notice them when they enter her home. On the fifth shelf there are some accessories and a basket for CDs.

At the end of the interview she told me that she didn’t know I was going to get into details and ask about the content of bookcase otherwise she would clean it up and organize the bookcase before taking pictures.

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