Memories on transit Billy

Ulrika Blom/ 28/ 'In Space' Master Student at Konstfack
"For me this bookshelf is more like a storage place, I inherited so many books from my dad. And I don't want to throw them away. So that's why it is important for me. It stores memories."
I found this girl when I asked my Interior friend, if he has any Billy Bookcase at home. Ulrika was sitting next to him, talking on their desing project. After I explained our Billy's mission to her. She voluntary excepted my interview on the next day without any question.

I arrived at her department around 10am, then I realized that she just shifted to this apartment in Zinkensdamn 3 weeks ago.
"I didn't arrange the shelf myself, my friend she arranged it for me. It was so messy after I shift here. My friend she couldn't take it anymore, so she arranged it for me." said Ulrika.
When I asked her if she knows where is where, and what is what, she told me she has less clue, "...but still it looks much better than the first day".
"I had 2 Billy's before. But one got a big hole when it got stuck in the elevator's door. And that was the end of the book shelf. As you can see, there are too many books on this one."
"Didn't you shift them in flat pack?" asked by me. "No, we were really stressed, almost like throw everything away. And I had no elevator in my old apartment. So I had to carry these book shelves on the staircase. I really hate this bookshelf at that time." Ulrika referred to her friend helping her shifted all her belonging.
"I have had them since when I studied as an architect student in Gothenburg (2004)" Ulrika was telling me a story..."I remember I went with my friend to Ikea. And we had no car at that time. So we had to carry these bookshelves back home by bus. I remember the bus driver looked at us and said "This is not a moving firm, this is a 'bus'!"..."
"This bookshelf size is not bad, but I'm thinking of replace it with the wall shelf instead. So I gain more floor space in this tiny apartment(26m2). Because I have a dream that I will put my piano here. And because my space is so small, so everything should be compact." said Ulrika when she looked at her Billy. "And I will do it in white this time. Oak was beautiful for 7 years ago, now is white. I know it is boring colour, but..."
Then I asked her if she thinks of hacking her old Billy and modify it to wall shelf instead. And I suggested her to look at Ikea hacker website.
"I haven't thought of that. I should have a look. " said Ulrika considering.
When I asked her what are books she has on her Billy..."Most of them are novels and architecture books I have had since Gothenburg, my port folios and a few things from my childhood.”
“ Like this ‘My Little Pony’, when I was 4, it was so popular among young girls. But my parents didn’t like toys from America. And we didn’t have TV. And my friend’s father he worked a lot in America. And he bought me this one. And I was so happy...”
And also I have kept my dad's book collection, Swedish novels, after he passed away from cancer."
Ulrika told me, "I hasn't read much these days. I haven't had a time. When I was younger, when I found the book. I could read it 10 times, over and over again. But now, I don't get the same feeling...do you?...Feel kind of sad. I miss that feeling."
When I asked her about the next bookshelf on the wall where we mention earlier, she told me "Yes, I will do a proper one where I can put all of my memories."
"And what are you going to do with Billy then?"
"I think I'm going to give it away. Maybe I put for free over internet, maybe Konstfack's. Some student might like to have it."
And that was Ulrika's plan for her Billy...
Feb 10th, 2011


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  2. Som. I inserted a jump for you. It's great that this Billy was filled by a friend in an effort to help, thus removing our ability to make meaning from the order that the books are in. Although the "My Little Pony" story revealed quite a bit.

  3. What is wrong with messy shelves? Or mess in general?