Group Project


Spatializing and Personalizing Billy


The project sets out to use the Billy Bookcase as a site where interactions between the space and the individual are played out. In other words, we would like use this project to illustrate what the space does to the individual as well as what the individual does to the space.

Project members

Annika, Darcy, Dasha, Som and Yi-Ying

Description of the project

Our idea is to imagine the Billy bookcase both as a space and as a person. What we will do is to create three distinctive layers out of two Billy bookcases. The middle layer will symbolize the private sphere whereas the remaining two layers the public sphere. In order to demonstrate the fluidity of the boundary between the private and the public, we want to take away the back of the bookcases so there is no distinction between the front and the back. We would also like to mobilize the bookcases by adding wheels to them so each layer can be moved by the viewer. Furthermore, the boundary between the private and the public is further challenged by complicating the middle layer. What we want to do is to use cellophane to further divide the middle layer into two halves. The quality of cellophane can create a sense of ambiguity where the viewer can only vaguely see the objects behind the cellophane.

We have not decided on the content of this project, that is, “things” we will put in the bookcases. We have agreed that the content will be determined by the material we have collected through our interviews with Billy owners. We are thinking about including both tangible and intangible things (audio, visual or smell etc.)

Materials required

Two Billy bookcases, wheels, hinges, handles and cellophane.

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