Personal Bookcase Inventory

Red Billy,
purchased on sale, extra deduction because the package was open,
ca 95 crowns. Two doors, Billy Morebo 2 x 400 crowns


Bottom shelf: 1) Three plastic bowls in set. 2) Two colanders.

Second shelf: 1) Blue cookie tin. Gift from the parents of a Japanese friend. Original cookies eaten. One homemade coconut cookie left from most recent batch 2)Thermos. Purchased in Paris. 3) Older tin. Swedish Triett brand. Also used for cookies but only crumbs left.

Third shelf: 1) Spaghetti tin with Italian words. Uncertain origin. 2) Martini shaker. 3) Glass container with pasta. 4) Wine decanter (IKEA). Tricky to wash. 5) Large jar with “BREAD” written on it, but filled with kitchen utensils.

Fourth shelf: 1) Mortar and pestle. 2) Caraff from Saint Denis outside of Paris. 3) Carrying device for food, which I believe is of Indian origin. Never used. 4) Garlic in bowl made of bamboo. From Lombok in Indonesia. 5) White balsamic vinegar (Zeta). 6) Sherry vinegar (Solera 77). 7) Virgin olive oil (Zeta). 8) Mushroom soya (Mrs Cheng’s). 9) Glass container with olive oil (IKEA). 10) Citrus vinegar (Mizkan). 11) Honey-mint vinegar (Capellagårdens trädgård). 12) Apple cider vinegar (Zeta). 13) Soy sauce (Kikkoman). 14) Sesame oil (Kung Markatta). 15) White truffle oil (Zeta). 16) Sunflower oil (Simmoworldfood). 16) Cloth so that oil will not stain Billy.

Fifth shelf: 1) Tea set from China. Gift. 2) Tea strainer. 3) Tea pot that I inherited. Someone broke it but hasn’t fixed it. 4) Gelnrothes Reserve. Fine bottle of Scotch. Partly consumed while doing inventory. 5) Glass tea pot (IKEA). 6) Peppar grinder (IKEA) 7) Tea pot. Looks Chinese. 8) Ashtray in the shape of a yellow dice. Purchased in a shop in Vienna. Prized possession. 9) A jar of vegemite. 10) A cup with chopsticks.

Sixth shelf: Cook books, recipes, and magazines (see enlarged photo below)

Left side: Two postcards

Right side: Tin opener

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  1. Regularly doing household inventory can be quite a chore, but it is beneficial. Inventories usually help determine which items need replenishment or replacement inside the house. I see doing inventory as a reason to buy new stuff! LOL.

    Ethan Mudgett