Personal bookshelf inventory

I found that I don't have proper 'bookshelf' in my room on during the introduction. Instead of that, I have a narrow and tall bookshelf(or just shelf). Now that I know that, I need my own bookshelf!

First floor: Chicken-shaped jar

Second floor: 7 books (Sketching, The 21st Stockholm international film festival 2010, Eglish grammar in use, Ikea catalogue 2011, 2000원으로 밥상 차리기, 고맙습니다 성령님, Clas ohlson catalogue 2010)

Third floor: Label sticker, Notepad, 6 Books (Practical English in use, 영어쫑내기, Zeichnen Sie Ihren Verstand, Ikea catalogue 2011, Jula catalogue 2011, Solid state physics)

Fourth floor: Stockholm maps, Church flyers, 6 Books (Svensk-Koreansk ordbok, Anteckningsbok, Lonely-planet Stockholm, 천국에서 만난 다섯사람, laredoute.se catalogue, clas ohlson catalogue 2011), Movie dvd (Ett öga rött), Music cd (Köln Hanbit Choir)

Fifth floor: 20 Music CDs

Sixth floor: Cat shaped massage tool, hand care set

Seventh floor: Parker Ink, 3 Lighters

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