Here is my book shelf "area"....

Here it is !

I don’t really have book shelf in my room and I have never planned to buy one, so I see the space between my bed and side table as my “book case area” now.

As you can see here, I tried to store things neat, which means only books can be showed up in this “book shelf area”   

    I didn’t expect to have so many books here, most of them are form my friend who left Sweden half year ago and didn’t want to bring all the books back to Taiwan, and to be honest, I don’t like his book taste at all @@ .

1.First floor(my bed):
   the books I am reading recently while I am in bed
     紅樓夢(Dream of the Red Chamber)-a novel two hundred years ago from china
     青銅一夢(A dream of bronzes)- poetry

2.Second floor(side table):
   Catalogs form Ikea2011, clas ohlson, kjell

3.Third floor (on the floor) :
   all other books
芬蘭經驗( Learn from Finland),
觀看的方式(ways of seeing),
如何準備英文面試(how to prepare interview in English),
如何學會各種語言(How to learn different languages ),
不為設計而設計(Do not design for design ),
設計的未來考古學(The future archeology of design),
英文文法俱樂部(English grammar),
創意城市(the creative city),
日本文具設計大揭密(The secret of stationary design in Japen ),
美學時光(Aesthetic Creation),
意想不到的電鍋菜100(100 dishes made by rice cooker ),
斯德哥爾摩設計觀點(design perspective in Stockholm),
你是我生命的缺口(you fulfilled my life),
設計的文法(design grammar ),
紫牛(purple cow), 紫牛2(purple cow2),
挪威的森林上(Forest in Norway 1 ) , 挪威的森林下(Forest in Norway 2 ),
魔符上(The Talisman 1) , 魔符下(The Talisman 2),
瑞典( About Sweden),
北歐五國(traveling around Scandinavia )

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