IKEA trip

I met Agne, an art student, at Vasagatan and then the trip started with the IKEA bus to Kungens Kurva. After about 30 minutes we can see IKEA.

When we came there it was time for lunch and the line were long. It was Thursday so we took pancakes with spinach and vegetable, it was not like traditional "swedish" pancakes. The coffee was cheap!

This is a photo of a map showing where you are. The arrow show you where to go.

Then it was time to look for Billy Bookcase!

We followed the arrows, passed the children's department, sofas, chairs, beds, kitchen tables, kitchen utensils, carpets, curtains, lamps, candles, tea lights, napkins, blankets, pillows, plants…….

We tried to find the cheap blue ones but they were gone. We just found this white full size, 395 SEK.

Moving around a bit more.

Round and round

Coming down we asked an employee where the cheap Billy bookcases were. He rattles quickly various dimensions and says finally, it must be this one you should have and then he took us to the lower ones, which cost 295 SEK. We took it with us!

So now Agne, Billy bookcase and I took the bus back and got off the bus at Hornsgatan. We then took T-banan with Billy Bookcase and arrived to Uglycute at Kvarngatan. Billy is heavy!

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