What's on Som's bookshelf

Hello there,

Yes! my bookshelf...Well...nothing much as you can see for the person who had moved to Stockholm for 6months, and spend most of Stockholm life's time in Konstfack.
In details...

Top shelf -Stuff doesn't belong to me. Ceramic candle holder & Wooden angle. I kept her there so she could watch over me.

2nd shelf -'Nothingness', as it's 'out of reach' for me.

3rd shelf
-4kr candle holder from Ikea, bought it because it was only 4kr!!
-Tealight which never be lit.
-Magic stone from my classmate's art work (It's was a gift from her)
-Pine twigs, got it from forest behind my house when I went out for a walk with the idea of building up my 'twig' collection.

4th shelf
-Swedish-English Dictionary (Haven't used once...BUT don't get me wrong!!)
-Book/ 30yrs old French novel in English version on Indian context. I read half but had to stop because the pages were falling off. It was a gift from an Italian who I have a lot of respect in India. I carried with me to Stockholm.
-Book/ 'Life Divine'- Indian Scholar philosophy book. Also carried it with me from India. I read it from time to time.
-'Out of Africa' by Karen Blixen. I bought it here, with an idea of sun shine scene for Swedish winter. Half-read.
-Book/ 'Pipin Longstocking'- Christmas Gift from Swedish friends who wishes me to entertain myself over long Christmas holiday in adventurous way. I plan to read it when I have 'time' (ha ha!)
-The rest are a watch, eye creme, face serum, perfume...

5th shelf
-2dvd of Swedish films with English-sub
-body lotion, broken earing (waiting for fixing), baby oil

6th shelf
-Book/ 'Shakespeare' by Bill Bryson. Read 10 pages and I'd realized
there are loads to read for 'Billy Bokhyllan' course!! Bill or Billy? This is tough! ;D
-A calendar from India.

7th shelf
-Taiwanese Tea/ Antacid- Medicine/ Empty bottle

Overall with my empty shelf, you can see quite bit of personality and how I, so far, address myself in Stockholm...

Cheers to all and have a nice weekend,

Som - new kid on the blog!

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