Inventory and Function of My Billy Bookcase

I bought my Billy a couple of years ago to my old apartment and at that time found the wooden color at "Fynd hörnan" (were you can find damaged products and show pieces).

About a year ago I got tired of the color and wanted a white one. I considered buying a new one, but in the end decided to paint mine white and place it in another part of my apartment to give an impression that I had a small living room.

It was a bit messy for a while, but I managed to put the books back into the bookcase once the paint had dried.

Today the top of the bookshelf works as a table for the books I read in bed and were I keep my alarm clock, and there is a feeling that I have two rooms (kind of) instead of one, since the Billy functions as a little wall.

The lower parts are hidden an contain "secret books" ;-) The books on the floor and on top (in the middle and behind the other books) are books that do not fit in the case, maybe I need another Billy...?

Which titles/books my Billy contains follows:

Compartment 1

Doris Lessing, Elfriede Jelinek, Imre Kertész, Gabriel García Marquéz, Orhan Pamuk, J.M.G Le Cleció, Müller, Mario Vargas Llosa, Antero Vipunen, Jeffrey Eugenides; Middle Sex, Ashtanga Yoga, Ta makten över tiden, Isrelin ja Palestiinan konflikti, Oxford Dictionary of Sociology, Contesting Citizenship in Latin America.

Compartment 2

Kansojen Historia 1-22, Water for Elephants, Anna-Karenina II, Karjala-Muistojen Maa, Euroopan kasvot. Idéer; sådana är de, så får du dem så utvecklar du dem, Tant grön, tant brun, tant gredelin, Sveriges nya landskapsrätter.

Compartment 3

Homeros, Dostojevskij, Tolstoj, Carl-Johan Vallgren, Alvar Aalto, Eliel Saarinen.

Compartment 4

Moniga Fagerholm, Lathund för låtskrivare, Stalin; biografi, Berlusconi; biografi, Che Guevara, Mandela; biografi. Anette Winer; Trobrianders of Paupua New Guinea, The Sambia, Fanny Ambjörnsson, En bok som slumpens historia, Social Geography, Michael Moore; korkade vita män, Nick Hornby; En god människa, Suomi-Ruotsi Suuri Sanakirja, Tolstoj; Anna-Karenina I, Lauri Viita; Kootut Runot, Gör dina egna musikinstrument, Majgull Axelsson; Den jag aldrig var, Pedagogerna, Democracy in Latin America, History and Tourism; Empty Meeting Grounds, Bo Bergman; Ordens Ursprung, Simon James; Keltit, Shostack; Nisa; The life and words of a Kung Woman, What is Pshychology, Ingemar Karlsson; Europa och Turken.

Compartment 5

Photos, Den Stora Världsatlasen, Culinaria España, The Lonely Planet Guide To the Middle of Nowhere, Human Geography, Perú, Portugal, Geographica, Disney Songs, The Complete World of Human Evolution, Antikrundan, Ett Folk, En Värld,

Compartment 6

Islamin Porteilla, Mannerheim-Kirja, The Incas and their Ancestors, Tapas, Vin provning, Bonniers stora bok om filosofi, Försvunna Städer, Hannerz; Foreign News, The Browning Version, Amos Oz; En Berättelse om kärlek och mörker, Davinci Koden, Meren neitoja ja meren miehiä, Grimms Fairy Tales, Longman Contemporary English, Märta Tikkanen; Emma & Uno, Historia under 750 år, E-P; Witchvraft, Oracles and Magic among the Azande, Martin Luther King; Ei Väkivaltaa, Young Hemingway, Vilda svanar, Taide & Arkkitehtuuri Andalusia, Till Värdens ände och tillbakaThe Multicultural Riddle, Paulo Coelho; Veronica bestämmer sig för att dör; La Quinta Montaña; Voittaja on yksin, Japanese for Busy People

However, as seen on the floor, I do need to get rid of some books or to visit IKEA and get a third Billy.

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