Ikea Trip

Me and Yiying, my classmate from Konstfack, met Per at Fruängen station and we took the bus number 173 to Ikea.
  • Approaching the building
The street view and sidewalk toward the main entrance

after entering we saw the yellow bags on our right to borrow and the scalator to get to the top floor as a starting point.

  • Eating at the restaurant
we ate meatballs, we also met some friends of Yiying that they were at Ikea to have lunch.

the family section with the special areas for children seemed quit interesting.

  • Walking through sections
first we picked the free items and then tried to find right direction

the showrooms gave us a nice feeling of being at home and we took a rest in one of them with sun for a while, they add a lots of small details to create this feeling like the roses in the right picture

some show rooms didn't look so Ikea for me like the the right picture which I realized can be because of the carpet and the patterns on the chair

we noticed that there are spot lights on all arrows on the ground or the signs to make them more visible

we bought this small toy as the "open your wallet item" for 9 SEK

we saw the sign on the ground pointing the cafe and we decided to have some!
at the last floor close to the exit there were a section with Persian carpets which seemed so strange. Ikea is well known as a Swedish style and we couldn't find any reason for selling Persian carpets.

we went to the storage and we searched for the Billy on the computers but they were all so expensive so we decided to go to the Fynd section and we found some for 199 SEK which bought.

  • Carrying !
The very difficult part! we took the book case on the bus and train and we left it at Konstfack to pick it up on Friday morning.

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