Yesterday we delivered the last of the 3 BILLY projects from "Unpacking the Flatpack".  We showed up an hour late due to traffic but when has furniture ever been delivered on time.  Johan, Per, Georgia, Ruby and I were the moving crew.   Isabel answered our listing on Blocket for a "FREE BILLY" with mandatory delivery, installation and conversation.

We arrived at Isabel's apartment apartment apartment Stockholm and installed Billy on the free wall.  Thank god Isabel's friend Per was on hand or we would not have been able to figure our how to secure BILLY to the wall.  You'd think that after 6 months of thinking about BILLY we'd be able to install one safely.

After BILLY was safely secured, Per (the Per we brought) demonstrated the FREE BILLY kit for Isabelle and Johan and I made tea with the kit from the Lil Billy Mobile Research Lab.  Unfortunally the youngest members of our moving crew grew restless after eating half a box of IKEA cookies, so we had to leave abruptly.


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